Difference between static and dynamic websites

Dynamic WebsitesStatic website
A dynamic website can be easily upgraded by end-userA static website is difficult to upgrade
Website designs and content can be changed on runtimeThe theme of Website and content are fixed
It has a low loading speed when compared to a static websiteIt has a Quick loading speed
A dynamic website is where content changes immediately. Like an Electronic-commerce site etc.The static website provides information to its clients like an organization website.
A dynamic website runs the application on the server and the result will be displayed on the webpage. So this requires server application language like PHP, WordPress, etc.The static website directly runs on the browser and does not require other internet application language. So this can be done using HTML and CSS.
In the case of Dynamic websites, it cannot be developed easily because it requires qualified developers to create it, manage it, test it and maintain the security of application and database.Static websites are easy to develop and an experienced person can develop it.
Dynamic sites provide some facilities that makes it possible to change the page content using server application. There is no need to upload the page on the server.In the Static website, if you want to change the page content then you have to upload that page on the server many times.

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